Bone Morphogenetic Proteins

What are Bone Morphogenetic Proteins?

Bone morphogenic proteins (BMP) are isolated proteins that cause certain cells in our bodies to generate new cartilage and bone. During bone graft surgery, BMPs are applied to a material called a collagen sponge. The sponge is placed in the area needing new bony material. The sponge then slowly dissolves releasing the bone morphogenic protein and stimulating cells to produce new bone.

With the use of bone morphogenic proteins, there is no need to harvest bone from the patient’s hip and so there are no donor site procedures and subsequent pain. Complications from graft harvesting are also eliminated with the use of bone morphogenic proteins.

BMP are often used to strengthen bone for dental implants. Bone morphogenic proteins can also assist in the repair of bone defects created by the removal of teeth, or small cysts and the repair of fistulas between the sinus cavity and mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Morphogenic Proteins

Are Bone Morphogenic Proteins safe?

Yes. BMP is a protein that is synthesized by using recombinant human protein technologies and does not rely on a tissue donor.

Are Bone Morphogenic Proteins used in all bone-grafting cases?

No, not always. In many cases, there is no need for BMP. In the majority of cases, however, the use of BMP in bone grafting procedures increases the amount of bone eventually produced. Additionally, it helps the wound heal faster and more completely.

Does insurance cover the use of Bone Morphogenic Proteins?

Unfortunately not usually. Our billing specialists would be happy to discuss options such as Care Credit or other methods to help cover the cost of BMP if needed.

Is BMP used alone to stimulate bone formation?

Yes, BMP can stimulate the body’s own stem cells to create new bone tissue without the use of other modalities.

While the use of Bone Morphogenic Proteins has the advantage of not requiring a second procedure to harvest bone, which reduces risk and pain, every bone grafting option has its own risks and benefits. Dr. Hinckley would be happy to discuss all grafting options with you at the time of consultation.

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