Ridge Augmentation & Sinus Lift

Ridge Augmentation & Sinus Lift

Ridge augmentations and sinus lifts are two dental procedures that Dr. Hinckley uses to fortify areas of the gum line and underlying bone that have weakened due to missing teeth.

A ridge augmentation involves the reconstruction of degenerated or underdeveloped gums. A sinus augmentation builds up and strengthens the maxillary bone (part of your cheekbone) by lifting the sinus floor and grafting bone into the jawline. These procedures are effective in improving the bone’s capability of holding implants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ridge Augmentation & Sinus Lifts

Am I a candidate for a sinus lift or ridge augmentation?
You may be a candidate for a sinus or ridge augmentation if you haven’t qualified for dental implants in the past due to inadequate bone or gum tissue. You may also qualify if your receded gum line is a source of insecurity or embarrassment. To learn more about sinus lifts and ridge augmentations and whether you qualify, call Front Range Oral Surgery today for a consultation with Dr. Hinckley to find out what options are available for you!

What can I expect during a ridge or sinus augmentation?
Ridge augmentations start with some local anesthetic used to numb treatment areas and prevent pain. Once the area is numb, graft material will then be placed into the tooth socket where the missing tooth once was. Dr. Hinckley will then pull the surrounding gum tissue over the graft material and secure it with sutures. Sinus lift augmentations are similar. However, an incision is made to expose the sinus floor, and then use hard graft materials to build up the sinus floor. The site is then sutured and given time to heal before additional treatments, such as a dental implant, are performed.

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