Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day

“Teeth in a Day” is a same-day solution Dr. Hinckley is happy to offer our patients here at Front Range Oral surgery. This option is available for those who need all or several of their teeth replaced with natural-looking and functioning prosthetic teeth.

The procedure is most commonly used to treat those who have already lost many of their natural teeth and have no healthy ones remaining. With “Teeth in a Day,” Dr. Hinckley can remove AND replace the teeth all in a single treatment, unlike other procedures which require temporary replacement teeth while they wait for their final crowns.

Most “Teeth in a Day” or “Teeth in an Hour” procedures provide our patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure that lasts about an hour.
Typically the creation of the replacement teeth is completed prior to the surgery so they can be attached as soon as the implants are in.

“Teeth in a Day” procedures are computer-guided and often produce less discomfort, swelling, and bruising compared to other techniques. Patients usually resume their normal activities the next day.

The process starts when a CT scan is taken of the patient’s jawbone. Here at Front Range Oral Surgery, we have Cone Beam and 3D Imaging to provide the best possible images with far less radiation than traditional CT scanning. Additionally, Cone Beam 3D images can be stored digitally for future reference or for easy transfer between providers.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging takes images of the entire craniofacial structure and connective tissues. These images help Dr. Hinckley make plans for oral surgery or dental treatment, to ensure accuracy and precision. Specialized software generates a three-dimensional model of the jawbone to virtually plan the implant placement. This results in more accurate implant placement and requires much less chair time for you.

Steps for “Teeth-in-a-Day”

  1. Oral Examination – The first step is your consultation with Dr. Hinckley for a thorough oral evaluation and to discuss your options.
  2. Implantation – Next, dental implants will be surgically placed in your jaw.
  3. Bridge Placement – Temporary bridges are then screwed in place over the dental implants.

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