Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery, also known as Orthognathic Surgery is required when the top and bottom rows of teeth don’t meet correctly and it’s affecting one’s bite.

Teeth are usually first straightened with orthodontics (braces) then corrective jaw surgery corrects the misaligned jaws if necessary. Orthognathic Surgery not only improves one’s bite but can significantly enhance the structural appearance of the face.

Good Candidates for Jaw Surgery Include Those Who Have:

  • An uneven bite
  • Jaws that are positioned incorrectly
  • Difficulty in chewing, biting or swallowing
  • Speech problems
  • Chronic jaw or TMJ pain
  • Protruding jaw
  • Breathing problems through the mouth

It’s important to note that the upper and lower jaws develop at different rates so surgery is usually reserved until an individual has reached bony maturity, typically after adolescence.

If not corrected, however, the result can lead to a host of problems affecting chewing, speech, long-term oral health, and even one’s facial appearance.

Trauma to the jaw along with birth defects can also affect bone alignment. When only the teeth are involved, braces can correct bite problems, however, orthognathic surgery may be required for the jaws when significant repositioning is needed.

Before any treatment begins, a consultation with Dr. Hinckley at Front Range Oral Surgery is necessary along with a complete examination with x-rays or CT imaging. During the pre-treatment consultation, Dr. Hinckley will discuss your situation and recommend specific approaches.

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